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our purpose

Art is a transition of thought into matter, dreams into words, love into song.
Craft Gallery is a showcase & a network where art can be discovered & exchanged directly with artists & creators.  Where collaboration can be explored.  A platform where collectors and supporters can be up close and personal with the craft they admire.


the following are works by artist Christian Topil currently available for viewing and purchase exclusively at Craft Gallery


Accidental Self Portrait
Acrylic on Canvas
36W x 58H x 2 5/8D


Acrylic on Canvas
31W x 36 5/8H x 2 5/8D


Acrylic on Canvas
31W x 24H x 2 5/8D


Acrylic on Canvas
67.5W x 53.5H x 2.5D


Monkey Pops
Acrylic on canvas
36W x 48H x 1.5D


Acrylic on canvas
48W x 30H x 1.5D


Acrylic on canvas
5"W v 68"H x 1.5"D


Title: CL 742
Acrylic on Canvas
67 5/8W x 53.5H x 2 5/8D

Title: CL 742
Acrylic on Canvas
67 5/8W x 53.5H x 2 5/8D

feature collaboration

art & function

Artists Christian Topil & Tonatiuh Otero team up for a thoughtful collaboration that explores ways to incorporate art surreptitiously into our daily routine, and they’re calling it “re-art.”

20230101_205015 (edited)_edited.jpg

To them, art can be more than beautifuls paintings hanging on walls to remain clean and safe.  “Art is expression, and it exists everywhere,” they explain “if we didn’t allow art off the walls we wouldn’t have music, dance, or interesting clothes & cool cars.  Using art in various modes can even solve problems and make our lives better and happier.  Art should be expressed, exchanged, and appreciated everywhere & by everyone.”


With re-art they redefine the purpose of art and reinvent the functionality of every-day essential items to serve as usable objets d’art.  They explain, “we are exploring recycling & repurposing.  There are many great ideas in the world, and functionality represents many things to different people, we are finding ways to reinterpret and renew these ideas in ways that are functional and captivating.”


We may all agree to keep our stretched canvas paintings on our walls, undoubtedly, some of us might want a chair or another object to be painted by an artist.  These 2 creatives agree and thus began repurposing art.  They have a lot to say about the inaugural piece they created together to launch their collaboration.
They explain, “a briefcase can arguably be the most iconic representative of work and making a living.  It can also portray preparedness and professionalism.  It’s a perfect platform to play on contradictions and contrasts, force together things that don’t belong together and make a statement.  We think it’s an exciting thought and the outcome is not only striking but also functional.  A briefcase that is also an objet d’art speaks volumes of the person wearing it.  It might portray them as confident, discerning, precise, free, fearless, independent, daring, receptive, adventurous, should we keep going? Hahaha”

20230101_210322 (edited)_edited.jpg

They drove this premise further and experimented with furniture, producing some exciting results.  Staying consistent with the traditional painted canvas, they reupholstered a foam chair, a side table, and a puffy ottoman with actual painters canvas and created three-dimensional and sculptural canvases that are as unexpected as they are captivating.

"Art should be enjoyed in as many ways as possible" they explain.  "We find it joyous to interact with these pieces, touching them, sitting on them, viewing their different angles, it's truly mesmerizing."



​Christian Topil creates art that captivates!  This is especially true for discerning art enthusiasts that seek depth and emotion.  His seemingly chaotic mélange of color is elaborated with concentrated balance and a subtle elegance.  At first glance, his chroma constellations are overwhelming and unhinged, while a closer look confirms the decisiveness and richness of each composition, and so much storytelling.


Speaking with Christian about his work is a unique experience.  He shares deep and personal facts about his existence, making his pieces a true documentation of his life.  As an artist who’s an early riser, he produces some of his most engaged work early on "before the day beats me down," he explains.  His expressive and transparent nature exposes his personality traits, making him a truly genuine thinker who speaks thru color.  Each stroke is an expression that carries meaning, yet also allows our own interpretation.  That's the nature of his work, it's a frenzied welcome, free yet thoughtful, dark and cheerful, and always inviting.  His work is very personal, and he is present in every piece, relating a story to us. 


Christian claims a desire to create work that everyone can appreciate, yet he is unequivocally his own artist with his own personal interpretation of life.  For us, his essence is so familiar and reminiscent of abstract impressionism, with imagery that reminds us of folk art and abstract illusions that resemble fauvism.  We recognize the influences of Basquiat, Chagall, Matisse, Picasso, Van Gogh, Herring, and of course Pollack.  Nevertheless, he clearly can claim ownership of his own work as his own profound expression, his own words and his own language.  

T selfy.jpg


Tonatiuh Otero is a visual artist who is drawn by bold, colorful, and tactile elements that spark his imagination.  He values tradition and discipline as foundational functions and always strives for progression and innovation.  

His most utilized mediums are textiles & garment making, having spent 2 decades in New York’s garment industry perfecting his design and technical skills.  As an artist, “form follows function” is his ethos and he often finds himself “solving problems” or at the very least “improving things.”  He currently operates Tonatiuh Otero Studio where he applies his artistic perspective and craft to develop new products or enhance existing ones.   He is often sought for his alternative approach to couture & tailoring and utilizes his perspective and skills to maximize how garments fit a person, not only physically but also psychologically.  “Regardless of physique or personality, everyone will look great in a garment that is specifically fitted to the individual person” prophesies Tonatiuh, who gained authority on the topic after countless fittings in his years in the garment industry. 

His further pursuits expand to multimedia including canvas, paper, paint, wood, computer aided graphics, product development, and metal. He is an innate inventor & problem solver whose ideas and work stem from purpose and functionality (functionality referring to anything that provides value). 

Born and raised in Mexico until age 13, Tonatiuh’s early years were never short of dynamic influences especially from his Mexican father and Polish/American mother, both artists.  He now lives in Michigan where he is part of the growing local art scene.

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