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​Christian Topil creates art that captivates!  This is especially true for discerning art enthusiasts that seek depth and emotion.  His seemingly chaotic mélange of color is elaborated with concentrated balance and a subtle elegance.  At first glance, his chroma constellations are overwhelming and unhinged, while a closer look confirms the decisiveness and richness of each composition, and so much storytelling.

Speaking with Christian about his work is a unique experience.  He shares deep and personal facts about his existence, making his pieces a true documentation of his life.  As an artist who’s an early riser, he produces some of his most engaged work early on "before the day beats me down," he explains.  His expressive and transparent nature exposes his personality traits, making him a truly genuine thinker who speaks thru color.  Each stroke is an expression that carries meaning, yet also allows our own interpretation.  That's the nature of his work, it's a frenzied welcome, free yet thoughtful, dark and cheerful, and always inviting.  His work is very personal, and he is present in every piece, relating a story to us. 

Christian claims a desire to create work that everyone can appreciate, yet he is unequivocally his own artist with his own personal interpretation of life.  For us, his essence is so familiar and reminiscent of abstract impressionism, with imagery that reminds us of folk art and abstract illusions that resemble fauvism.  We recognize the influences of Basquiat, Chagall, Matisse, Picasso, Van Gogh, Herring, and of course Pollack.  Nevertheless, he clearly can claim ownership of his own work as his own profound expression, his own words and his own language.
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